Parenting Tips

-Spending Quality and Quantity Time with Child

Quality time is explained as any activity that allows you to learn about your child’s interests, assess their strengths and challenges, teach life skills or make them feel special or loved.

With kids, days appear to belong and years short so I propose to invest quality and QUANTITY energy with your children since tomorrow never comes. Time is a precious gift more valuable than the most expensive bequest in the world. Give maximum time to your child whenever and wherever you can.

Cherish special moments of life. A story about a father Raj who never had time for his family reminds me of the importance of devoting time for your loved ones. Raj, a hardworking father was an extremely busy man who worked for almost 14 hours a day even on weekends.

He had an enormously loving, caring and happy family that consisted of his wife, two kids, and parents. Hailing from a lower-white collar class family Raj did this to give an agreeable life to his family.

When his family complained about his long hours of work he reasoned that he is doing this for their happiness/ so that they can get the best available in the world.

Five years passed, he could provide his family with all the pleasures of life but couldn’t spend the valuable time of togetherness with them. Surprisingly, on one Friday evening, he came home and declared that he will spend the weekend with his family as he is tired and needs a break from work.

His family was delighted but unfortunately, he did not wake up the next morning.

I know as a parent we all want to give best to our kids but it’s imperative to maintain a work-life balance that fosters a child’s morale, self-esteem, performance, and overall mental and physical development. Spend a lot of alone time with your child which helps to reduce his/her attention-seeking behavior.

As stated earlier you don’t have to plan expensive holidays or take them to play areas to spend time with them. Enjoy simple pleasures of life without spending a fortune.

Play with them, exercise together, draw/cut/or make crafts together to promote their originality, take a walk to the nearby garden where our child feel comfortable and enjoys, once some time stay in bed drawing/parlor together, do planting together or even gain some new useful knowledge all things considered.

I would again stress spending both qualities as well as quantity time together, keeping in mind that our goal is to spend ample time with them whenever possible in a most productive way and the best interest of both.

-Accept Your Child’s Limitations

As a youngster, I recall once after school I made night dinner for my family. I set a somewhat consumed bread and tea where I neglected to include sugar (truly, surely) before my parents.

Following a long tiring day at the workplace both my parents calmly picked the toast and eat each nibble and tasted tea with extraordinary delight. I was shocked! I even attempted to apologize yet they esteemed my endeavors.

I was exceptionally cheerful, later around evening time when I inquired as to whether they preferred the toast and sugarless tea they joyfully conceded that my nourishment like life is loaded with defects and imperfections yet accepting others’ constraints/blames and deciding to stay upbeat is the thing that family is about.

On the off chance that our parents can without much of a stretch accept our defects for what reason wouldn’t we be able to as a parent do likewise? To accept your child’s weaknesses you need to distinguish them first and bit by bit attempt to take a shot at it (at whatever point conceivable).

Here is a graph that will support you:-

a. Start with positive: –

Rundown at any rate five positive qualities of your child:-

Qualities 1 2 3 4 5

Approaches to upgrade/fortify them considerably more

Also, list their restrictions:-

Weaknesses 1 2 3 4 5

Approaches to survive/convert them into positive ones

P.S:- While expressing their restrictions do consider the variables which are past your and their control like handicaps, outside condition, skin, and so forth. Be viable and reasonable.

In the primary graph, list your child’s positive characteristics, characteristics, capabilities, aptitudes, capacities you appreciate and need to additionally sharpen their abilities.

In the subsequent one, notice the negative ones which need improvement and changes. By doing so you can recognize how, when, with whose assistance it with canning be finished.

Accepting them and their weaknesses make them ‘genuine’ and ‘one of a kind’ in their way which helps in finding internal harmony and their confidence and certainty. Perceiving their weaknesses doesn’t mean surrendering.

I just mean we need to accept those weaknesses which are past anybody’s reach yet can generally develop and learn and enhance characteristics that can be changed over into positive ones.

Remember to-

Cheer Straightforwardness

End each day by asking yourself and your kid, “What made us most cheery today?” or “What am I by and large grateful about today?” Your commitment as a parent is to find something positive consistently (whether or not your kid didn’t have a fair day).

This training will without a doubt help you to recognize the little pleasures of life. Show them the centrality of pity things. Ordinarily, we don’t value the things we have and get made up for lost time searching for sumptuous/costly things that we neglect to acknowledge simple things that cash can’t purchase.

Simple things in life sometimes aren’t generally simple. Ordinarily, they become the purpose behind our satisfaction these pity things give us more joy than enormous pleasures.

Life’s little pleasures together like appreciating dawn/nightfall, doing family errands, preparing a cake, cooking your child’s preferred nourishment, getting a charge out of Sunday or any occasion breakfast in bed, strolling on a seashore, moving/singing together, perusing a book together, playing with them (any indoor or open-air games), tuning in to music, viewing yours or their most loved T.V show are only a couple of instances of simple life’s pleasure that will matter the most in future.

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